A Message of Support For Caregivers From lifeCircle's CEO, Melissa Reader

4 May 2020

Right now, in communities across Australia, many people are caring for a loved one in their final stages of life, while also managing the complexities of COVID-19. If you are one of those people, there is information and support available to you right now.

lifeCircle.org.au is the home of advice and information for those caring for a loved one in their last stages of life. You’ll find practical tools across many topics from dealing with emotions to finding the services you need. You can also watch our video series, Time To Share, to hear stories and wisdom from other caregivers.

At lifeCircle we want to help you and your loved one make the most of your time together. We believe that the end of life may never be easy—but it can be better.

Find resources on www.lifecircle.org.au, or arrange an individual support session with a lifeCircle Guide on 1300 893 175.

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