Disease-specific Information

Disease-specific Information

What is it?

There are many organisations whose purpose is to support sufferers of a particular disease, their families and those who provide care. These organisations are a good place to start looking for information and support services for brain and other injuries, as well as cancer (breast, prostate, ovarian, paediatric etc.), stroke, cystic fibrosis, motor neurone disease, asbestos-related illnesses and more.


Why is it important?

These organisations can provide specialist information and support that can assist you when caring for someone with a life-limiting injury or disease. The staff and volunteers who run these organisations may well have been in very similar situations to the one you now face and can help you understand the challenges that are particular to the condition of the person you are caring for, rather than providing general assistance. Some of these organisations have online discussion groups that may be able to offer advice and support.


When do I access it?

As soon as you receive a diagnosis or prognosis, you can start gathering information and resources that relate to the specific injury or disease affecting your loved one. As the person’s health deteriorates, you may need extra support or to supplement care with a palliative care service.


How do I access it?

If the person who is ill or injured has been admitted to a hospital, the staff will be able to provide information and referrals to support services. The following links cover some injuries and diseases; for others not included here, talk to your GP or do an online search. Carers Australia can also refer you to disability- or illness-specific organisations.