Resources: Dying to talk

Resources: Dying to talk

Dying to Talk

Dying to Talk encourages Australians of all ages and levels of health to talk about dying.

Despite being something that touches everyone, death doesn’t receive enough visibility. Dying to Talk aims to reach into the community to normalise dying in Australia and to help Australians work out what’s right for them at the end of their lives.

Having a conversation with your loved ones about your end-of-life wishes will help them to make decisions on your behalf should you be unable to communicate your wishes.

The Dying to Talk Discussion Starter guides you through talking with your loved ones.’


The Life in Death art competition exhibition provides a platform for Australians to express their emotions surrounding loss, grief or coming to terms with their own illness that they may have trouble talking about.

With more conversation comes better support for people nearing the end of life, and their loved ones. Talking about dying might be difficult, but it won’t kill you.


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